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#1 Phaethon



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Posted 16 June 2004 - 07:33 AM

First of all, hi (this is my first post)

I read this "Netcat" tutorial about how to set backdoors on a compromised system, which says to make this batch file including:

nc -L -d -p [backdoor port of choice] -t -e command.com (I'm on windows ME)

I then realised that my computer didn't have the file nc.exe, so I downloaded it from a site (Is nc.exe a file that will work on every computer ?). I put both in the c:\windows directory, run the batch file (on port 22) and then tried this:

nc -v 22

which would normally connect to my own computer and open a command prompt in which I could type any command I wanted, but it said that the computer refused connection. Why? :techsupport:

Checking, however, what ports are open in my system (for example port 135) I tried this:

nc -v 135

It says that the port is open but when I start typing it won't "listen" to anything I type, whatever I do. I can't even exit it with any command. What should I do?

#2 Mike


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Posted 16 June 2004 - 07:59 AM

You're asking for help on how to use a trojan on an infected computer? Sorry, wrong place to ask for help with that. :rolleyes:
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#3 mitchshrader



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Posted 16 June 2004 - 08:05 AM

ROFLMAO! Are you EVER in the wrong place.. but.. my hearty congratulations on the clarity and precision of your query.

Please consider buying a white hat! We could sure use you on THIS side of the fence.

It has the benefit of information sharing, legality, and social approval. And it pays better, too.

Just a thought.. :whistle:
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#4 Phaethon



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Posted 16 June 2004 - 11:06 AM

Hey, Netcat is neither a trojan nor anything illegal, it's a network scanning tool that can be used to set up back doors too (http://www.ifost.org...rse/node15.html). Plus, I didn't use it on any other computer than just mine. I was just wondering why it wouldn't open the port it was supposed to listen to, so as to be able to connect to my computer.

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