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port 25 blocking

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Having just read in the June 15th newsletter about Comcast blocking port 25 for specific customers who have become infected with a spam relay trojan, I agree that they are going about it the right way.


I too like to utilize mail servers other than the one my ISP provides, and with my previous ISP (Time Warner Cable), I was unable to. However, I switched to DSL Extreme a few months ago, and their approach to the port 25 issue, I think, is handled very well. They have it blocked by default, but a simple visit to the page below allows subscribers to turn it off for their account in a matter of minutes:





Here's what they say about it:


"By default DSLExtreme filters port 25, generally used for outbound email, to only allow outbound email through DSLExtreme mail servers. The purpose of this is to reduce the damage caused by viruses and worms that use machines to send outbound infected mail directly to other users, and to stop the practice of spammers hijacking misconfigured customer mail servers for the purpose of mass emailing spam.


For users that would like to run their own mail servers or use an alternate outbound mail server, we provide this tool to request filter removal. To have the filter removed, we require that you register with DSLExtreme first. This procedure applies to both Dynamic and Static IP accounts."





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