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advice from a dummy

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Posted 20 June 2004 - 02:03 PM

I found this board because I had a parasite change the home page on my puter to http://s1di.ewizard.cc/ , but showed about:blank in options.

Most of my friends think i a smart puter techie because i can help them with simple problems. This is not realy true, I just know a little more than them.

I know enough that I run Norton 2004 pro, Adawre, and Spybot S&D regularly and as needed. However, this problem was beyond my (lowly) ability to remove malware. I read a thread about another person who had the same problem and seen advice to try CWshredder (was on a different board). So I figured I try it. The program identified a possible problem file and asked me if it was ok to delete that file. I knew I was chancing causing more problems, but i said sure, go head. Needlesstosay, my puter stopped working as it should. So, I restored to original purchase condition with the restore CDs.

Of course this fixed the about:blank problem, but my puter is running much faster than before -- than even before the parasite problem. Because I never installed anything I didnt know, I scanned, I cleaned and deleted regualrly, I ran defrag, and preformed other maintenance I thought the effects of restoring on puter performance would be negligible. I was wrong. Because my history with PCs includes extensive printing work, I have a good habbit of backing up anything I might need. So, that was not a big issue. A inexpensive RW DVD CD drive makes this even easier.

The whole point to this post is to say that sometimes restoring is a good idea and the best solution to a problem. This is even more true for people who are not experts in reading logs and knowing what should be there and what should not be there. My puter is only about 6 months old and it was fast even with the parasite. However, I think there were many small factors that added up to cause my system to lag, but yet since they slowly built up, I didnt notice the effects until it was removed. Obviously, removal is the better solution in most situtations. However, for those of us who build up clutter, restoring occassionally might be a good part of our maintenance routines.

BTW: this board is a great resource. Thank you for providing it.

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Posted 20 June 2004 - 06:01 PM

all clutter can be cleaned. in xp unlike its forerunners. you should be able to fix nearly any thing under most circumstances with out reinstalling format route.
i don,t believe format first is an option.(only an absolute last resort) and i should have a totally dead computer from clutter by your theory.
the klez nailed me a year ago .and had ghost back up.same installs still going got 300 programs added to it. i purposely ry for clutter just to see if i could come up with something i can,t fix. as i said i use norton ghost to a separate drive. so i get really brave in the things i do to abuse a system. but clutter can be cleaned. alot of supposed dead none booting systems can be started. just a matter of learning how.
in win 98-m.e a yearly reinstall dose wonders.
have a nice day

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Posted 20 June 2004 - 06:57 PM

I sure you are right, but since i am not good enough to clean up the messes, even though I do have XP, the restore works. I got my parasite Friday, worked all night, all day Saturday, and Sunday decided to clean house. It took me 30 or 40 min to get my system installed with all the programs and ugrade i wanted.

In time, i'll be able to fix more with out resorting to this, and much of that learning will be done on board like this and simular ones, but for now... :cool:

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