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Query about WinMX

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Hi all


I use winmx for file sharing - I often find myself clicking through tens of files to d/l from only to be given the message 102 in queue or 128 in queue - there are music videos that I am desparate for and cant seem to get them


My question is - does my cable speed have any link with this ? Im only on 150K at the moment and hopefully I'll be able to upgrade to 1MB soon, so is it the spped of my connection. Does anyone have any helpful tips about winMX and how to use it more effectively ??




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The queue messages that you are getting indicate how many users are in line ahead of you waiting to download files from that particular user/server. It does not have anything to do with your end, so your speed shouldn’t be an issue. Upgrading your transfer speed can increase your download/upload rate, however these speeds are limited to the slower of the two user’s transfer rates. Simply put if you have a lightning fast connection and are downloading from someone with 56k, you will only get transfer speeds at the 56k level or lower.


Be sure to use an up-to-date antivirus software if you are using any peer-to-peer programs, like winmx, as these networks are literally overflowing with viruses/Trojans.


And remember, the RIAA likes to monitor peer-to-peer networks, so if you are transferring what the RIAA feels is contraband; you might end up in hot water.


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