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Starting a novice user

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I sometime come to this site and I see a lot of post from people looking to get rid of CWS. I'm curious to know what you would consider the most effective way a person could prevent such exploits from happening. If you were to advise a new computer user, what would be the first thing you would have them do? I have a few thing I do myself and have never had a problem with browers hijacks, but I would like to get someone else views on what you would tell a novice user to do that would keep them out of harms way.



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Hello: shoreg :wave:


First I would tell them to get the latest Update's and Patches for their OS and Browser if running IE and Windows as soon as they become available.


MS Update:



If they dont have a virus protection program get one.


Short on Cash no problem these programs below are free.


Online Virus Scan:





AVG Virus Protection:









Firewall protection such as Zone Alarm:












Spyware Blaster:



Tell them to read all help files for their Programs and Update and Run Virus Programs and Post to a Help Forum to make sure they are Clean.


How did I get Infected in the First Place:



Help Forum:



Additional Web Browser:



I think that just about cover's it, hope this helps you. :D

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