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Spyware has blocked my IP from Web pages

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I have just recovered my system from being infested with spyware and adeware stuff. I used spybot, hijackthis, adware and others, I manually deleted some others that the anti spyware system detected but wouldnt clean without registration. I got my destop page back from that annoying advert and I got my homepage back and stable, all in all its running well apart from some stutters during game play but I'll look at that later.


IHowever, I can't access my Hotmail anymore, its says page unavailable. I can't access forums, the page never loads or it gives me a blank screen and says done. ABout 20% of the web pages I try dont work, many of the adware software download sites dont work. I have to use my works pc like I am now to ask for help on this.


Someone on another forum mentioned a similar problem, there IP address was hidding (may have been in HEX format) inside a system32.ddl file in C:<windows, I have checked and cant find anything. The ffiles that show as modified at the same time as the virus came onboard have been dealt with by spybot. The registry looks clean but I cant be 100% sure.


Does anyone know how to help me. I tried some basic fixes for msm and hotmail fixes but that didnt work, Im sure my IP is being blocked as there are quite o few sites not working.


Any help is very much appreciated.



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