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Reboot and Start-up Problem

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#1 jrancer



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Posted 23 June 2004 - 10:40 PM

It all started when my brother got a 120gb hd and installed it. It was working fine until he gets the bright idea of hooking up our old Win 95 hd to the computer. He unhooks it and the other computer goes bananas. When you turn it on it comes up and says "Operating System Not Found". I started fiddling with it and went into setup and changed OS from Windows 98/Nt to other since I have XP. It didnt work. I then changed it back and bingo it turns on. The thing is though it takes about 5+ minutes to restart the computer and if you turn it off the "Operating System Not Found" thing comes up again and i have to repeat the process mentioned earlier to fix it. I really don't want to format my HD and its not too big of a deal, but i would like to know if there was an easy fix to this problem.


#2 wawadave


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Posted 24 June 2004 - 12:08 PM

ok need some info.
this hooking up of 95 how did you do it? through networking? through hooking on ide as slave?
is this more than one computer were dealing with or is it a singal multi boot machine?
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#3 jrancer



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Posted 24 June 2004 - 03:58 PM

errr i think i just had two HD's hooked up to the same computer and they both had an operating system on them, which is probably why it's screwed up.

Hope that helps

#4 Charlesvar



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Posted 24 June 2004 - 07:10 PM

What probably happened is that the boot.ini file got currupted. boot.ini is always on C and when the 9X drive was added - probably also was Dirve C.

EDIT: Before trying the RC - try the System Restore. Restore back to a point fairly close to the time before this happened. SR will restore the boot.ini file. If its not turned on or does not work, then go thru the RC procedure. If you don't know anything about SR, go into the Help & Support applet on the Control Panel and type into the search: System Restore. It will tell you where it is and how to operate it.

Try using the Recovery Console to repair the boot.ini.

Before you begin, find boot.ini.backup - C \WINDOWS\pss\ - and print w/Notepad to see what it looks like right now.

Double clicking on the file will give you a notepad .txt printable file. If there isn't one, then that would mean 9X wiped it - only NT systems (XP) use boot.ini

Instructions on running the RC:

To start the Recovery Console from the Windows CD, follow these steps:

Insert the Windows CD and restart your computer. Follow your computerís prompts to start from the CD. (You may need to adjust settings in the computerís BIOS to enable the option to start from a CD.) To get into BIOS settings, hold the delete key down while booting up and make the CD-ROM the first boot device.

Follow the setup prompts to load the basic Windows startup files. At the Welcome To Setup screen, press R to start the Recovery Console.

If you have multiple options on the Windows startup menu, enter the number of the Windows installation you want to access from the Recovery Console. Enter XP home.

When prompted, type the Administrator password. If youíre using the Recovery Console on a system running Windows XP Home Edition, this password is blank by default, so just press Enter. At the command prompt, enter Recovery Console commands directly.

The command for you to enter: Bootcfg.

Bootcfg: Automatically scans all local disks for Windows installations and configures and repairs entries in the operating system menu (Boot.ini)

To quit the Recovery Console and restart the computer, use the Exit command.

Regards - Charles

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