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Software - Free??

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This is just a peeve of mine, I download software which says free trial. Take the time to install it, run it the first time - takes about 10-15 minutes to scan my system, then, when I try & continue the removal part it says you need to purchase the software to actually do anything about what we have found.

2 most recent programs I have had this happen with - spyhunter & spyblock. Don't bother to download the trial if you aren't prepared to purchase.


Just needed to vent,



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Annoying is Not the word for these things!

On a more hopeful note, both AdAware, and spybot, are free, and fully functional downloads!

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Agreed, stick to Spybot S&D and Adaware and stay away from any of these:



AdWare Remover Gold

BPS Spyware Remover



Online PC-Fix SpyFerret

Pal Spyware Remover




Spy Deleter





SpyKiller Pro


Spy Wiper

TZ Spyware-Adware Remover

Virtual Bouncer


Many of the "Free" trial versions give you false alerts just to get you to buy the software, which does nothing or could even be something malicious itself, and who wants to pay good money for damaging software. :hmmm:

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PestPatrol is also one of them. The trial version detects malware, but doesn't remove it unless you buy PestPatrol.

Isn't that normal for commercial anti-malware softwares ?

Of course there are other ways to avoid buying software, but I don't think this forum is the right place to discuss these (illegal) methods.

If money is a problem use the freewares. They do the same job as commercial ones. Security is an illusion and nothing or nobody is 100% safe. You only can minimize the risks, that's all.

Ask JFK's opinion about security, when you meet him in heaven.

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I started by using other spywear detection software, just like you stated, I could do a scan then just look at a report. I would attempt to delete problems, but then I found out about Spybot S&D.

Just the other day, my mother told me that she was using Pest Patrol, and it was showing that she had CWS.Google.MS.3, but turns out its a bug in the soft that registers a CWS occasionally that is not there.

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The CWS.GoogleMS.3 is a Pest Patrol false positive, caused by SpywareBlaster. This FP in Pest Patrol was fixed in a recent update. I would recommend you tell your mother to update her version of Pest Patrol to fix the problem.

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