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To Load OEM XP Over Bootlegged XP or NOT!

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So Here is my delimma:


I was given a PC complete with monitor, printer & scanner and a TON of cool software on it about a year ago.


I simply did not think to ask if it was a bootlegged version of XP the machine was running on, and in fact it is.


Now I have all kinds of data, and applications I have added from stuff I had saved on CD's that have been lost.


BUT . . . . . this thing does not have Service Pak 2 on it. And it won't update security software because it is not a validated version of XP.


So I went out and bought an OEM version (Does not come with support but was affordable), that is legal and legit that comes with SP2.


Then a friend says, "So you think you are just going to load this validated version over your bootlegged version and off you go? NOT HARDLY :rofl: First you back up all your data. Then you will have to Fdisk (Erase) everything on your drive and load the validated version of XP on the wiped drive. Then reload all your applications (Which I would have to re-purchase due to lost CD's), and reconfigure your network. Good luck."


So Here is my question:


Can I load this new XP on top of the old one and end up with a validated version so I can get security patches and updates? Or is my friend right and I have to do a clean install of XP - no way around it?

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I am pretty sure your friend is right... However, he/she didn't mention another alternative you might have been able to use before you paid for WinXP... MS will often let you update to a legit version if you call them and tell them the circumstances and particularly if you can help them find the bootleggers... Even if you have already paid for WinXP, they may be willing to install your legit copy without messing up your install...


Then again, it is likely that most of the software on there is illegal and you may even have spies installed since people who will sell you bootleg software may also be willing to spy on you and even steal from you... I would probably back up important documents and wipe it just because of that...

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