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Mulitple laptop problems - 2 Topics Merged, Du0plicate Delete...

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Posted 27 May 2007 - 01:24 PM

i will try to follow the instruction as required by this forum to post my question,
but currently i am having trouble getting into the normal mode. the scenario is
when i turn on the computer in the normal mode, sometimes the computer hangs
and sometimes it gets to Window's desktop and then in a few seconds automatically
shuts off and reboots. (sometimes followed by a blue page of words that lasts for maybe only 2 seconds).
today i tried to log in the computer from the safe mode, and it seemed okay. i ran
some antispyware and it found no infection (which lasts for 1 hr).
i know it is imperative to have a Hijack log in the normal mode, but wonder if there is
ANY alternative if it is prohibitive. Any suggestion or instruction ? Thanks

If you can't get it in Normal Mode, do it in Safe Mode and post that...

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Posted 27 May 2007 - 09:41 PM

other than reinstall XP, I wonder if there is any other way to rescue my laptop?

First is currently I have no Hijack installed (removed a while back) - so can't run it and have the result posted here.
Second is for whatever reason I lost my internet connection today. (and I do not think it is a problem with internet hardwares as earlier today I was able to update my AVG AS)
Third is currently I have AVG AS and Pest Patrol on the HD. Both are updated to May 27, 2007.

the computer now seems to work only under the safe mode. every time when I try to log in under the normal mode, the computer can run up to Windows Desktop, then within seconds, it automatically shuts off and starts rebooting. Strangely, if I first try with the normal mode, F8 key would stop working, that is, I can NOT switch back to working in the safe mode during the "rebooting event" ( I can only start in safe mode after I turn off the power and wait for 10 min or so) AVG and Pest Patrol under the safe mode found no infection.
Three days ago, when the laptop started acting up (but I could still use it under the normal mode), I ran the AVG and it picked up lots of Trojans and Worms. One worm (not much help since I can't remember the name) seemed particularly malicious as it infected close to 80 exe files, and while AVG AS was "deleting" those infection, a small window popped up showing (not the exact wording) "some errors caused the computer to shut off in one minute, please save anything before the computer shuts off". Although AVG AS seemed to be able to complete the deletion of all infection in time, I turned right back on the computer after it got shut off and immediately I re-ran the AVG. To my surprise, that malicious worm was still there. I re-deleted it and this time, no "shut off" window showed up. Ever since then, AVG always reported a clean HD.

Now since I can't use the laptop under the normal mode and all of a sudden I also lose the internet, I wonder if there is any way to fix it other than re-install XP. (for example, i wonder if I can download Hijack and save it in a USP and transfer it to my laptop under the safe mode and run it or if I can download any anti-spayware software and again, transfer it with the USP to the laptop and run it)

any input will be appreciated.

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Posted 30 May 2007 - 06:30 AM

Welcome to SWI. We apologize for the delay; our helpers have been very busy.
If you have not received help after 3 days, please CLICK HERE, and post a link to your log and the date it was originally posted.

Thank you for your patience.

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