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Announcement: State of the forum - July 2019 - Please Read

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Hello all SpywareInfoForum (SWI) staff and other members.  We are asking for your attention to address an approaching problem.  We moved to a shared server a couple of years ago because we couldn’t afford the dedicated server we had been using for a number of years.  As activity in the forum has decreased, so have donations.  At this point, we don’t have enough money left to pay for a host server for next year and that bill will be due in September.

We have a few options:

 1. Get enough donated to pay the fees for another year.  This would involve those of you are who are still around being quite generous since we will need a few hundred dollars to keep the forum open.

2.  Ask another forum to take over SWI and preserve it as an archive for the history of anti-malware forums.

3.  Simply let it go.

The reason we think there is value in preserving it is that SWI is one of the first anti-malware forums on the Internet and the SpywareInfo Newsletter was the first heavily used means of informing people about malware risks.   We had one of the first schools for teaching malware fighting skills (Boot Camp) and many of our students have gone on to be major players in the fight against malware.  The MalwareBytes programs were partly developed by some of our students.  We believe that this history is important and needs to be preserved, even if our original purpose is not heavily utilized any more.  We used to have people waiting in line for a long time to get help and now we can go several days with no one seeking help.  While that may suggest that security is better, it also means that we don’t get enough donations to keep going.

SWI has always been staffed by volunteers and none of us take any money for ourselves.  Several of us have actually donated our own money to help keep things going.  We have never had advertising and now we probably don’t even have enough traffic to support it.  If we don’t get donations, we will not be able to continue.

If you can afford a healthy donation without hardship to yourself, we would appreciate that greatly.  If you have other ideas to help SWI survive, please post them.  If we do not get enough, we will start asking if any of the other security forums would be willing to archive SWI for the sake of history and research.  If that still doesn’t provide a means of continuing, we will need to let SWI go, although we will retain domain name registration so that criminals cannot use our names to scam people.
For the topic to discuss these issues, please go here:  https://www.spywarei...orum-july-2019/
Addendum:  As stated in the topic linked above, we have had an extremely generous donation from our Member, Krishna, which will keep us going for another year.  This gives us another chance to continue the fight against malware criminals.  Thank you Krishna!! 
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