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Feeling Violated And Scared

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Posted 07 January 2008 - 03:02 AM

Ya know, years back i used to have a computer filled with viruses, spyware, and all that kind of garbage. I knew it and could never get past it and fix it. Then i got a new computer and since then have been almost 100% clean. I run all the best free programs out there and i make sure to watch how i surf, where i surf, and i also keep watch over everything going on in my computer. I know every program running in the task manager and am wary of new ones i don't know about. I scan all the time and everytime i find nothing, just a few tracking cookies which are normal.

But now after these years of safety and feeling confident, i am now feeling a bit violated. Recently i had been getting these e-mails from microsofts live service asking me to reset my password. But of course i haven't been trying to reset it, i know it. I figured since that e-mail account is used only for live (i use it for xbox live) it was just someone i pissed off in a game trying to get into my account or something.

And then yesterday i get this e-mail from Match.com saying i have registered a knew account using that e-mail!! Then i felt bad, now this person is using my e-mail to register places. So i panic, change most of my passwords (at least important ones) and even change which e-mail is used for live. I post a hijack this log here (still waiting on that one) and procced to update and scan my computer. I once again find nothing but the usual. But still i feel weird at my computer now, vulnerable.

I know they didn't hack my computer since that e-mail, while not the least used i have, is pretty close. I use it for windows live and thats it. I have one e-mail that is very important, and i don't even use anywhere any more. Had they gotten that one i would have troubles. And if he had hacked me or anything like that why would he be trying to get my password info for live?

I know im being overly paranoid, but still it just feels weird, and makes me feel weird sitting at my own computer. Just thought i would share, and ask if anyone had any advice? Im thinking about canceling the account with google, but i was worried that i have that e-mail linked to something i don't remember. I don't think so but i would hate to regret that later on.

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Posted 07 January 2008 - 10:06 AM

Well, anyone could use your email address if they know what it is. However without the password they couldn't receive mail at it or read your mail.

Match.com should have been verifying that it was you using your address; you should tell them it was not you.

All such things are scary indeed, but in this case I believe you have nothing to worry about except the nuisance of it.
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Posted 08 December 2009 - 10:08 AM

I'm having the same problem and the feeling is quite hurting..
However i'm searching for some help.

Actually the only thing i know is that someone is in my system. I, unfortunately had to deal with some young gamer and he did it, i mean, i don't know "what" i just know that now he knows everything i do on my computer and on the web.

The first time it happened was in january, this year. I had a web space on his server. I was starting to use ssh, for study, and he told me something like, "why don't you connect to my server again? i will do "something to speed up the process next time, you will not have to type the pass-phrase any more". It was my second month of ssh use and i hadn't read the manual page.

I don't want to think about it.
Anyhow, he probably went in all my accounts, inscribing me in all social network possible , then i cached the situation and i removed and reinstalled the system, i changed all my pass-phrases and i changed my internet connection.

I couldn't get my printer to work any more and now there is something wrong, still.
I meet that guy and he was terrifyingly secure of himself. Then i sent him a sms, with my hspda Usim, and my data connection started going completely crazy. It's not downloading anything anymore, only what HE WANTS me to download (because he is trying to convince me to become a writer).

I have to find out how to solve this problem.

Can you help?

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