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Posted 28 June 2004 - 04:25 PM

EVI MONITORING The British government is considering tagging every car with a microchip to monitor offences from speeding to road tax evasion. The electronic vehicle identivication chip will automatically report law infringements to a central computer, which will issue drivers with a fine or court summons. Civil rights bodies have expressed alarm but supporters of the plan say it will improve road safety and cut crime. The Informer EVI chip monitors the car activity 24 hours a day. It could make it virtually impossible to break the speed limit or park illegally without being caught. If approved, the system could be in operation as early as 2007. (The Express 25Aug03)

ANTI-THEFT Tesco tested a new anti-theft technology that photographs customers as they take an item off the shelf. Behind each shelf unit is a device called a reader with a radio frequency. When a product is taken off the shelf and out of the reader's range, it alerts a computer at the back of the store. The computer sends an instant message to a CCTV camera to take a picture of the customer who picked up the item. (Ananova.com 12Aug03)

LIVESTOCK TRACKING Optibrand Ltd. is launching a device that tracks individual livestock from birth to death by taking pictures of their eyes. Their OptiReader device is a combination of a hand held computer and digital video camera which uses near infrared light to illuminate the eye. The camera transmits full motion video at 30 frames per second to the heandheld computer, allowing the operator to see full motion video on the computer screen. The computer searches each frame looking for a single one it identifies as an acceptible image of the eye. When an acceptable frame is found, it is presented to the operator for acceptance. The operator makes the final decision to accept or reject the image. To capture an acceptable image, the camera needs to be in the correct position in front of the animal's eye for 1/30 of a second. (ananova.com 08Aug03)

LIFELOG DARPA will develop a digital super diary known as LifeLog. The project aims to capture and analyze a multimedia record of everywhere a subject goes and everything he or she sees, hears, reads, says, and touches. Lifelog could enhance the memory of military commanders and improve computerized military training by chronicling how users learn and then tailor training accordingly. DARPA has solicited bids and hopes to award four 18-month contracts this summer. (AP June 3, 2003) Remind you of a famous movie staring Jim Carrey?

IMPLANT Applied Digital Solutions has completed research of a chip implant for similar to one used by farmers to monitor livestock. The technology would initially be used to record medical information about patients, but could also be to track individuals by satellite devices or used as a form of ID. (Financial Times 22Dec03)

lots more here-> http://www.angelfire...omneo/Tech.html

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Posted 30 June 2004 - 12:16 AM

George orwells "big brother" is watching you not so far off now!!! :unsure:

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