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Hello I need some advice for building a super computer!

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Posted 13 July 2009 - 04:51 PM

Hello SWI Forum humans !!

I could use a little help. OK here is my plan. I have made friends with very nice computer guy who owns his own computer

store and he told me that if I tell him what I want then he will build me a computer. The best part is he said he will

promise to fix absolutely anything that goes wrong with it for the next 6 years. I would not even have to pay bus fare. I

could just throw it in a suitcase with a handle and wheels and drag it a few blocks and wham! End of problem.... I think that

is the best part : ) .. OK so moving on with it.... OK here is my plan

I want to go " crazy " with this computer but not completely totally crazy. What I mean is I know that is someone wants to go

all out and get the most amazing computer that there are $2000 video cards and there are $1500 CPU's I know that stuff exists

.. However I want to spend about $3000 - $4000 on the whole thing. I would like to go a little bit over the top and get a

really powerful computer. What I plan on doing is I will get the computer made by that guy which is awesome because I will

get the man to man hand shake that he will fix anything for free for the next 6 years ..... I find that awesome !!! And then

I plan on I guess going College and Spadina to get all the accessories I want. I think I will buy my LCD Screens and other

stuff in Toronto. I am going to go to Canada Computers and buy all the other stuff besides the computer tower. Unless someone

knows where I could go in St. Catharines. I am thinking Canada Computers might be better then Best Buy or Future Shop

........anyways moving on.....

OK here is the deal .... I want to sort of go " all out " with this machine.....

this is what I am thinking

- Sonata III 500 Computer Case

- 3 1 Terabyte Western Digital ( Caviar Black or Green I can't remember ) Internal Hard Drive

- I was goign to ask for a 300 GIG 10,000 RPM Raptor " performance drive " but my new computer freind said that is not a

good idea and he wants to give me another drive for my c drive aka the drive with all my programs. The drive he wants to give

is like 120 GB. I asked if I could get something bigger or does it come bigger and he sort of looked at me like I was on

drugs and said I would never need anything bigger then 120. I don't know maybe I am too much like a big kid but I really

liked the sound of that Raptor performance Drive thing. Sounded wicked !!! OK moving on....

OK I want ... OK I know this is crazy but I am thinking about asking for 24 GIGS of RAM... Ok OK OK Well I might get 12... I

know it's insane but part of me just wants to say screw it and get 24 GIGS of RAM... I know I think it almost makes no sense

to get that much RAM but I don't know I have got something wrong with me. should I get 12 - 18 or 24 ??? Someone tell me ....

OK moving on again

I also want 1 Blue Ray Burner

- 1 DVD Burner

- A awesome CPU ( I don't know much about CPU's but I am just going to ask for a " Awesome " one.. I guess I will spend like

$500 on it

- I want a awesome video card ( I am not a gamer but I would like to try. To be honest I think I might be borderline mentally

changed .. I can't play FPS First Person Shooters. I play Bionic Commando and Blaster Master with Emulators ... So yeah I

guess I just want a awesome video card. Like $400 - $700 Video Card ....

OK that is it for the actual computer ....... I then plan on going to College And Spadina In Toronto and probably going to

Canada Computers ( Unless someone can convince me to go to Best Buy or Future Shop or something ) and I plan on buying the

following... what the word? What do you call computer things outside of the case or tower?? Anyways That guy at the store

seems very smart and I can walk there and he is going to give me that crazy unorthodox 6 year handshake I don't care I will

fix anything for 6 years deal. So yeah I am going to get that made by him. But his store does not have a lot of accessories

and stuff ..... So I think I will go to Canada Computers in Toronto and get the following ( Should I maybe find a Tiger

Direct? Are they better and cheaper? OK anyways I plan on going to Canada Computers and get the Computer and get the


- 2 GIANT awesome LCD Screens ( Any advice what kind I should get ? ) - Also I guess I better make sure I got a video card

with two VGA'S right ??

- very high quality Wireless Skype Headset

-Some neat Light Up keyboard ( I want a star trek light up glowing alien keyboard or something LOL )

-awesome Wireless Mouse ( Any advice there at all? Maybe I will not get wireless of a mouse who cares right? What's the

difference? )

- Some awesome Web cam

- A once touch external Back up drive with one touch back up ( Actually this sort of belongs up at the top because I am going

to buy this from said local computer guy. He even said he would teach me how to use it : )

- A Monster awesome power bar

- a back up power supply

- A Computer Screen cleaning kit ( Kind of silly but whatever is Windex just as good?? )

OK ( DRUM ROLL ) this is the point of the post !!! I need advice on some other fun stuff to add to this " ED 209 " computer!

What are some other " bells and whistles " that I could get? Cool interesting stuff. If anyone has any advice please tell me


ALSO this is very VERY important please listen to this. I really wanted a science fiction anime style CRAZY computer case. But

one of my many uber-smart tech friends told me they are useless and I would be nuts to buy one of those things that looks

like it will make you toast in the morning. So I am going to buy the case he recommend...

IS there ANYONE here who knows of a computer case that look like Megatron but is also a real excellent case??? If no one can

provide me proof of one that exists I am going to buy the one he recommenced.. If someone could tell me about a awesome

looking case and send me links I will ask my tech dude if its OK. It would be SO NICE to have a case that looks like a rocket

ship but is also good in terms of " real tech guy " standards..... I tried to Google " anime computer cases " or " awesome

computer cases " or " alien computer cases " I just got pictures of ridiculous cases that look like the Borg or something


OK that's about it. I am going to go work out at the gym and dream about all you smart guys telling me about neat and awesome

extra features for my new beast !!!!! LOL...........SoooOOoo Excited !!! ROCK ..................

- OH even though I am getting an Alarm system are there some things I could buy to wire up and lock down all my computer

gear? Like metal cords with locks I could drill into the wall? That would be nice theft prevention overkill.....

HmmMMmMMMmMMMmm...............Ok so yeah.................. What else can I put on this " ED - 209 " computer?????

any neat toys and extra things would be cool !!!! ROCK !!

Thank you very much !!

my e-mail is [removed]

thank you


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