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Google Update??

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Posted 24 December 2009 - 02:47 AM

It's not the worst of things, but it certainly is about something that annoys me to no end about installing programs.

In class a while back, we played around Google Earth, and I thought it was pretty cool so I gave it a download. After I played around a bit, I noticed it had installed Chrome on my comp. Oh... I guess it was checked as an option. I suppose I didn't read the install that well. But what does the browser have to do with Google Earth anyways? True I don't hold against them for that, though it is slightly annoying. But I'd rather this stuff be unchecked by default as often scumbags use the exact same technique to trick people to install their crap because technically permission was given (take older versions of Daemon Tools. It's ok to make it more prominent though, but make it more obvious!

But that's not really too bad. I actually did try Chrome out, and thought it looked too much like IE so I was done with that. So I decide to restart my computer, and out of curiosity checked the task manager. And googleupdate.exe flashed across. What?

Nothing annoys me more than programs deciding on their own to place themselves at startup. Some like Adobe reader install crap like adobe reader speed launcher or some things I could care less about. And most of the time they never ask about it. What makes it so important for them to run at startup besides slow down your computer? I have no issue with a program autoupdating when it's being run, but otherwise it's very annoying to have programs do stuff without permission. And indeed, in Adobe Reader's case, I found another PDF reader, FOXit. Adobe Reader is a piece of crap, even without the startup nonsense and I avoid it like the plague. But that's a rant for another day. ;)

Ok, so these things can be dealt with by unchecking the option in the program. Oh wait, where is it? There's nothing concerning update in the programs I downloaded. What? Ok, I'll just break out Hijack This. Wait? It's not there either. So I google a little, and find out it installed itself as a service? Wtf? Well it's disabled now.

Now keep in mind I don't hate Google for this; and continue to use their stuff. I'm just a little disappointed here. Certainly Adobe is far worse in this regard. And let's not forget about Itunes foisting itself with Quicktime. And of course Windows warrants its own thread. (Though I will definitely kick Chrome to the curb and maybe redownload it when I really want to try it out) Sure nothing is ever free, but I'm just extremely frustrated at the narcissism some programs have. Either explicitly show the option at install, or don't show it at all.

Thanks for reading this rant. :p

Edit: It also added 2 scheduled tasks, one running every hour. That's not cool.

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