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You think your computer is clean?

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Posted 13 July 2013 - 05:16 PM

This is just a small article for those who think they have a clean computer free from infections of malware. Food for thought.


Suppose you do not see any anomalous popups or rogue malware on your computer. Suppose the computer always runs at approximately the same speed every time you use it. Suppose you never see any kind of unexpected web page when you are using your browser. Suppose none of your friends say they are receiving any kind of strange email from your email account.


If this were the case the majority of computer users might think their computers were most likely malicious software-free. They might even have some kind of security software installed and might believe something along the lines of "I have had such and so anti-____ programme installed for some time and I have never had any infections or problems."


This, friends, is false thinking. Imagine some malware that is not detected by the security programme installed. Further imagine that some malware is infecting the computer and the goal of that particular malware was to obtain email addresses, visited sites, credit card numbers (via a key logger) or a number of certain kinds of possibilities. These would not result in anything seen by the computer user and would most likely not cause any kind of slow response, either. It matters not if the only sites visited are innocuously "innocent" sites.


The point is that unless a given computer is audited or checked by a qualified professional or trained malware removal helper (of the kind found on this forum and certain other forums who are members of ASAP or UNITE for example) then one simply cannot say their computer is malware free. This is to give people some food for thought and to not rely on just one security programme. All too often computer users are at the very least compromising their privacy by using a computer that is not secured as far as privacy goes to say the very least.


If someone purchases a new computer and the very first thing they do is install the very best anti-virus programme on it and expect things to be all right after that then they need some instruction about securing their computer or having someone secure it for them. People need to understand that the very best security programme so far offered is not sufficient by itself to propersly secure one's computer. Of course the user's actions are important as well but that is a different point. Saying something like "Well I do not have anything I am trying to hide on my computer nor my surfing habits and I do not do any online banking" simply will not do. The more computers that are un-secured the more the evil in the world can proceed in their nefarious schemes.


So - get your computer or it's security checked by qualified people and then have a better sleep at night knowing you are doing everyone (including yourself) a big favour. The qualified malware removal helpers who have been trained on this forum and a few others have earned the right to say they are qualified and can do the job. The friendly chaps at your local computer repair shop may or may not be qualified to audit or check a computer for proper security and privacy.


Again - just because you do not perceive a problem does not mean your computer does not have one.


Best regards!

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Posted 13 July 2013 - 06:16 PM

It is likely that anyone who visits this forum is already aware of the points that you are making...

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