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Spywareblaster found using over 40% of CPU resources in hidden window

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#51 Rocket Grannie

Rocket Grannie

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Posted 13 November 2014 - 06:20 AM

Internet Explorer 8 download:
clicking this link takes me to http://windows.micro...rer/download-ie but no download is triggered or available on this page



Sorry about that. Please download it from here:



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Posted 14 November 2014 - 04:24 AM

IE8 installed

#53 Android 8888

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Posted 14 November 2014 - 05:21 PM

Hi oneeyedfranc.

i'm planning to install fix-it utilities pro 15, any thoughts?

No. We do not recommend general programs.


IE8 installed

Okay. Good to know that.


Now let's cleanup the utilities that were used in the cleaning process.
Please select and delete the following tools:
Security Check
Junkware Removal Tool
Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (and delete the folder C:\FRST)
AdwCleaner (run the program and click Uninstall)
To uninstall ComboFix:
Click Start > Run and copy/paste the following bolded text into the Run box and click OK:
ComboFix /Uninstall <-- Note the space between the x and /
If all is well:
Below I have included a number of recommendations for how to protect your computer in order to prevent future malware infections. Please consider using these ideas to help secure your computer. While there is no way to guarantee safety when you use a computer, these steps will make it much less likely that you will need to endure another infection. While we really like to help people, we would rather help you protect yourself so that you won't need that help in the future. :good:

As I said in the beginning Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft since April 2014. If you decided to keep it that means you will not receive more updates and your computer has become more vulnerable to infections. I strongly suggest you to upgrade it to a current, supported Operating System. This is a crucial security measure.
Please keep using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM). Update it and perform a regular scan to your system as it will make it harder for malware to reside on your computer. The free version of MBAM can be used to scan the system for traces of malware.
A tutorial on using MBAM can be found here.
Please Note: Only the paid for version has real time capabilities.


Please consider installing SpywareBlaster and updated it at least once in a month. A tutorial on using SpywareBlaster to prevent malware from ever installing on your computer may be found here.

Please keep these programs up-to-date and run them whenever you suspect a problem to prevent malware problems. A number of programs have resident protection and it is a good idea to run the resident protection of one of each type of program to maintain protection. However, it is important to run only one resident program of each type since they can conflict and become less effective. That means only one antivirus, firewall and scanning anti-spyware program at a time. Passive protectors, like SpywareBlaster can be run with any of them.

Note that there are a lot of rogue programs out there that want to scare you into giving them your money and some malware actually claims to be security programs. If you get a popup for a security program that you did not install yourself, do NOT click on it and ask for help immediately. It is very important to run an antivirus and firewall, but you can't always rely on reviews and ads for information. Ask in a security forum that you trust if you are not sure. If you are unsure and looking for anti-spyware programs, you can find out if it is a rogue here:

A similar category of programs is now called "scareware." Scareware programs are active infections that will pop-up on your computer and tell you that you are infected. If you look closely, it will usually have a name that looks like it might be legitimate, but it is NOT one of the programs you installed. It tells you to click and install it right away. If you click on any part of it, including the 'X' to close it, you may actually help it infect your computer further. Keeping protection updated and running resident protection can help prevent these infections. If it happens anyway, get offline as quickly as you can. Pull the internet connection cable or shut down the computer if you have to. Contact someone to help by using another computer if possible. These programs are also sometimes called 'rogues', but they are different than the older version of rogues mentioned above.

Please keep your programs up to date. This applies to Java, Adobe Flashplayer, FoxIt and your Internet Browsers in particular. Vulnerabilities in these programs are often exploited in order to install malware on your PC. Visiting a prepared web page suffices to infect your system.

In general Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome are considered to be more secure than Internet Explorer. In addition there are many useful add-ons that can protect you from possible risks:

  • WOT will warn you when you try to visit sites with poor reputation. The reputation is based on user ratings and is usually very accurate.
  • Script Blocker can help blocking many attempts to infect your system via malicious websites by only allowing scripts at sites you trust.
  • NoScript is a popular Firefox addon,
  • ScriptNo a popular Google Chrome addon.

For much more useful information, please also read Tony Klein's excellent article: How did I get infected in the first place

Hopefully these steps will help to keep you error free. If you run into more difficulty, we will certainly do what we can to help.
Happy surfing and stay safe.

Android 8888
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Please read the Instructions for posting requested logs and the article "So how did I get infected in the first place?"
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Posted 14 November 2014 - 05:23 PM

Glad we could help. :)

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