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my neighbour is watching everything i do on my computer

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Posted 13 July 2016 - 01:30 AM

Hello to everyone mi name is peter and i'm a newbie to the forum so I have a predicament which is as follows my neighbour is watching everything I do on my computer however at this time he is on holiday so unless he is accessing remotely or somehow recording he is not watching at the moment so now your thinking how do I know this ok so I have some kind of esp and some time in September 2015 I got the filing someone was watching my computer so I did a google search and as I understand it  it is hard to find the culprit so thinking about it my next move was to play some porn and as I am a 64 year old Young at hart and live in sheltered accommodation I am probably the Youngest one here apart from my neighbour who is about the same age and no disrespect but the rest are all fossils so after the porn some of my neighbours stopped speaking to me and i got some funny looks so I Knew I was on the right track so I did more and more research to no avail so my next move was to get a tech guy in and he could not find anything however he did put some new security on my computer so at that time believed my neighbour was locked out and at that point I was so relieved and for the first time in months was happy to use my computer however the very next morning my neighbours tech man turned up and one hour later I passed my neighbour in the street and he laughed in my face so all that my tech man did was no good and cost me £60.00 so I was back to square one so my next move was to contact the police they told me they could not do anything without evidence and told me to have the log read witch I did at techstart in aldershot they did not find anything however I have lost confidence in them and the reason is there was holes in what the manager told me and at first she told me she would do it for free as i bought the computer from them however when I went to pick it up it cost me £40.00 so not happy so the last thing is I know he is still on my computer as I park my van on a private car park witch I have permission for and he has no permission for and he head parked his car in the car park so I typed in to google you should move your car in case I accidentally back into it with my van one minute later he was out and moved his car onto the street also like columbo the tv cop there is one more thing I have also had the telephone lines checked by a bt engineer as my neighbour lives next door on the ground floor which is about 8 ft door to door so the bottom line is I am desperate to get rid of this moron as my right to privacy has been violated and is being violated on a daily basis and I now have to use my smart phone to read personal emails which is totally out of order so if you guys can help to get rid of it in anyway believe me I would crawl on my bell from my place to london on broken glass



EDIT: Please read the Instructions http://www.spywarein...showtopic=79038 and post logs...  Our helpers need details to review in order to help... Also, please use actual sentences rather than one long statement without punctuation - it is very difficult to read what you wrote...  Note that it is unlikely that there is still something on your computer given the checks that you have already done and it is quite likely that you could perceive people acting differently due to your suspicions, even if they were not acting differently at all...

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Posted 15 July 2016 - 01:57 PM

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Posted 20 July 2016 - 02:03 PM


i realise now that he is hacking my sky hub and that's why there is nothing on the scans i have dun



EDIT: If that is true, it is usually because you used a default password or one that is easy to guess...  I suggest using a strong password and/or setting up a VPN to protect your connection...  If you want help here, please follow the instructions...

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Posted 03 August 2018 - 05:35 PM

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