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Help Removing restore/.cpy files in windows me

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Posted 13 August 2005 - 05:12 PM

Hello everyone
I have been posting about this problem for a while over at the spywarebeware forum and they have worked on it but so far we can not solve this weird problem. I am trying to delete all of my _restore temp files that me has stored up, I think i have somewhere around 140,000 .cpy files and they are causing my AVG alot of problems, I can not even run AVG anymore it takes so long to scan all of these files. I do have a post at spyware beware that shows the struggle i am going through, If you could read over it and point me in the right direction to remove these files i would greatly appreciate it.

Here is the URL

take care

#2 Paladin Michael

Paladin Michael

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Posted 14 August 2005 - 04:00 PM

Dart_Frog, edit: capitalized Dart_Frog's name (forgot)
A few of us have been discussing your problem and I have something for you to try if you're up to it. As I'll have you booting off a floppy, you may wish to print these instructions for easy reference.

NOTE: You say that you have over hundred thousand of these files on your hard drive? It will take a LONG time to delete them no matter how small they are. You should not interrupt your computer if it is still obeying a delete command in reference to these files by rebooting it, shutting it down, or any other action which may cause the hard drive to loose power or abruptly cease the operation. Doing so may cause damage to your drive.

I am under the impression that you wish to remove the folder c:\_restore\temp and all it's contents (the .cpy files you're trying to delete) If you have renamed this folder or it's parent folder, please substitute it's new path for the one I use.

For the instructions below, the following is true
This is text you type or see on the screen
<This is a key you press>

1) at this URL: http://www.mbhs.edu/...rn/boot98sc.exe you can download a modified windows 98 boot disk creator to use with this attempt. I know you're running windows ME but ME's boot disk doesn't have the command I want you to use.

2) the boot98sc.exe file downloaded in step 1, when executed, should ask you for a floppy to write on, make sure you have one in the drive and click ok. It should then show a progress bar for boot disk creation. This program is a full image of the boot disk so you shouldn't have any trouble, however, if any of this doesn't happen or you get an error for some reason, write down any error messages and let me know and I'll walk you through a manual creation of the disk.

3) Once you have the boot disk created, leave it in the floppy drive and reboot your computer. You should eventually see a dos prompt come up with the following appearance


4) At this prompt type the following command DELTREE C:\_RESTORE\TEMP <enter>

5) You should see a prompt asking if you are certain you wish to delete the folder c:\_restore\temp and all it's contents. Confirm that the folder path displayed is correct and then type <y> and then <enter> if necessary.

This should completely remove the c:\_restore\temp folder from your computer regardless of file permissions.

After reveiwing the posts at Spyware Beware I'm not certain that the problem wasn't syntax related with many of your attempts. If you wish, prior to using the boot disk, have another go with the following just in case. Whether the following works or not, the boot disk method should. Steps 2 and 3 are for when the prompt comes up already in the c:\windows folder. Please keep in mind that I'm typing these instructions so as not to miss a thing, so you may get bored at parts :)

1) go to Start -> run and type command <enter>

2) a command shell (dos prompt in a window) should pop up.

3) type cd\ and press <enter>

4) the prompt should now look like this c:\>
type cd c:\_restore\temp and press <enter> and your prompt should read c:\_restore\temp> If it still reads as c:\> then follow steps 4a and 4b

4a) at the c:\> prompt type cd _restore <enter> and the prompt should now read c:\_restore>

4b) at the c:\_restore> prompt, type cd temp <enter> and the prompt should now read c:\_restore\temp

5) type DEL *.cpy <enter>

The last command should delete any file with a .cpy extension in the c:\_restore\temp directory.

If neither of the above methods work, on the floppy disk I'm having you download is a file called CHKDSK.EXE. You may wish to run this file to check your hard drive for errors which scandisk will not find and/or fix. You may not be able to run CHKDSK.EXE while in windows, it will work if you've booted the computer from the floppy and are at the command prompt.

I hope one of these works for you. Please let us know if it worked and remember to be patient if the computer seems to be taking a long time to delete the files, from what you said there are quite a lot of them in there. :)

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#3 Paladin Michael

Paladin Michael

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Posted 15 August 2005 - 10:42 AM


JW50 found a post on another forum about the same bug and quoted it for us. I'm including the relevant portion of his post here for you in case you wish to try it. As written this will remove the entire c:\_restore folder, not just the temp folder contained in it. If you wish to only remove the temp folder, just replace the c:\_restore path with the c:\_restore\temp path and the c:\oldrest path with c:\_restore\oldrest.

Also, note that the attrib command is available from both the winME boot disk as discussed below as well as the modified Win98 SE boot disk I linked to earlier so either disk will suffice, the main difference is that you won't have any menu options for the modified boot disk I provided.

I found this on another forum that might be worth trying:

No special process but you do need to know some basic DOS commands.
Do this as follows:
a) Boot to DOS using a Win Me boot floppy.  Do NOT choose "Minimal Boot"
from the menu when booting from a floppy but rather choose "Start computer
with (or without) CD-ROM support" otherwise the ATTRIB command will not be
b) At the DOS A:\> prompt, type:

ATTRIB    -H  -S    -R    C:\_RESTORE

c) Remove the floppy
d) Reboot your PC
e) Delete the folder C:\OLDREST
f) Check that an automatic system restore checkpoint was created.
g) Finally adjust the space allocated to the restore folder:
System | Performance | File System | Hard Disk and adjust the restore
slider to your preferred setting.  A  figure of 2-300MB is normally more
than adequate for day to day use allowing perhaps a week of checkpoints to
be available although increasing this to perhaps 4-500MB for a few days
during periods of large installs such Microsoft Office is advisable.

Remember though that whilst you can empty the folders using the above
process you cannot run Win Me without these folders being present even if
you choose to disable system restore, something I would strongly advise
you not to do.  Incidentally the usual reason why resetting system restore
doesn't clear the folders is forgetting to immediately reboot the system
following either checking or unchecking the "Disable System Restore box".

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