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For all you people with SpywareQuake and the lil Green Wheel Chair dude.

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#1 Saetha


    Yeah, Ninja get spyware too >.<

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Posted 25 April 2006 - 05:53 PM

Hookay, This has worked on both my pc's as well as for another member. After the long and titilating search for the cure, I've found the best bet is to follow these directions over any other Mal-ware removal program. If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself eh?

I say first, write these down, print them, or pop this up on another pc, er what ever works for you and lets you feel safe an' comfortable.

Also, I didn't exactly pass english with flying colours. So bear with me. ^^


You've gotta Load into safe mode, those of you that can do this goto :2:

To have your computer load into safe mode, simply reboot and frantically(jokingly stated, every second or so should do it) push F8 on the Alfa-numeral keys next to your "Esc" key, usually the horizontal sequence along the top of your key board. This will open your pc to a type of master command where you may choose how to load your Compy (pc). Choose the "Load Windows in Safe Mode" Option, however it is iterated, using the arrow keys and enter. Viola! Le mode safe. ^^


Access your System32 folder. then goto ::3:: you advanced users you ^^

This one is easier then the step before ^^
goto your main drive mine is C: simple enough sometimes it's another letter, or a name that you made it into, mine is "Ninja's B****" use yer imagination on that one. ^^
Next find yourself the windows folder, if should be all Caps, "WINDOWS" If you can't find it... I don't know what to tell you, but you might be on the wrong drive. so click back and try again, if your sure your in the correct drive, try right clicking selecting veiw, then detailed. This will sort all your folders, then click the name tage on the top of each division (Name, File Size, Date last altered, file type) clicking name will put all files in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, putting the folders seprate in one chunk.
After finding and opening the WINDOWS folder goto the SYSTEM32 folder. You you can't see anything, then you probably have the "hide system files" option on. There should be a little notice along with a button to "Unlock" these files for access and alteration. Click it ^^ YAY now everything is visable. Find and open SYSTEM32 The same way as per the WINDOWS folder.
If you read and did all these things, then your probably not using the compy allot and maybe a little tired of working, fatiged, thirsty.. and what not. Go do somthing that's NOT starring at the pc screen with the glisen of rage and fury over the creator of this hidious malware. This should be like 5 minutes. Just don't go telling everyone I don't have YOU in mind. ^^ <-- happy face by the way

3:::: Welcome back, and for those of you that didn't break.. here comes the fun part, There was a reason for the break ^^

Now that your in your SYSTEM32 Fiile folder. I'ma go eat some ramen...
... .... .... .. ...... ..... mmmmmm noodles......
Kay find and destroy the following files. The Alphabetical listing using Detailed veiw will be SO handy expecially because on my pc it didn't allow me to use the "Find" function.


since those are applications and arn't running because of the safe mode. they should delete no problem. As for the next files you must rename them. (Interesting Fact::When A file is being used by a program it can not be altered or deleted)...(Interesting Fact #2::My girlfriend has just stated for NO REASON WHAT-SO-EVER "If I had a little TV I-pod thingie I would put porn on it." Aren't I the luckest guy ^^) Humor is good for healing, you can't judge me :p.

stickrep.dll - RENAME to stickrep.dll.Delete
suprox.dll - RENAME to suprox.dll.Delete
xenadot.dll - RENAME to xenadot.dll.Delete
sivudro.dll - RENAME to sivudro.dll.Delete

Okay okay not all that hard, just right click-->Rename, Right arrow to goto the end of the file name and type ".Delete" sans the quotes of-course. Go ahead and close the system32 folder, if any of the files didn't exsist, don't fret, move on to #4:: ^^ Almost done.

4:::: *takes a sip of Dr. Pepper* I'm valuable cartoons or something for this, TOM AND JERRY DOESN'T WATCH IT'SELF YOU KNOW... except that one time... but no one saw that one comming >.> and it took allllot of animators to do it.

NOW THEN (hope all this doesn't annoy too many of you, for those that it does.. :p on you
GOTO ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS VIA The control panel, start menu thingies-Settings-control panel. And remove that lil so and so sonnofa Rawr Imagination people... lol. BASICALLY remove spyware Quake ^^. weeeeeeeee almost done.

5:::: Rebooot, If you can't get this one, please, PLEASE, I implore you, PACK UP YOUR PC AND SEND IT BACK, that money is better spent else-ware. Like this www.BuySaethaCoolStuff.com =D

6:::: Kai, allow your pc to load normally and goto your sytem32 folder again, it should still be in detailed format. Now this is handy Just like before when you alphbatized everything by clicking the neat NAME tab, click the FILE TYPE (or Equivilant) Tab, THIS WILL PUT EVERYTHING that's the same TYPE with Each other. THAT includes making all the things you named Delete. Since that changed the file type to Delete. So yeah, Delete all of those, becareful not to delete anything else.

Empty your recycle bin, I let you figure that one out.... OKAY OKAY right click the recycle bin and click empty.

more fun

Open up your main drive again and find the program files folder, open it.
Now find the folder named SPYWARE QUAKE or like Spywarequake.com or both, I onno doesn't matter delete em both. MAUAHAHHAHAHAA *cough*

IN THE WORDS OF ME, I win ^^ now you can too that little monster should be gone now. hopefully you don't get it again, be fore careful ^^ umm.. I think that's all PLEASE if this doesn't work I can help you through it if you have any questions, and tried to make this expirence a little more delightful, and very detailed.

Have a nice day.

~Ninja, Saetha's guy ^^

I am not a computer tech guy for this site, just hoped this would help. Hope you SWI persons don't mind. If you do, PLEASE tell me. PM me or leave a comment, or use those magical Admin powers ^^

Please pin or bump this somewhere where people can always find it until the SpyQuake Threat is over ^^

#2 Saetha


    Yeah, Ninja get spyware too >.<

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Posted 25 April 2006 - 05:56 PM

double post

Edited by Saetha, 28 April 2006 - 02:37 AM.

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Posted 25 April 2006 - 06:06 PM

There is no reason to post this twice... I have merged it...

It belongs in a different forum, so I have moved it...

There are some very good fixes for this problem that are much easier to use and to follow... This is almost unreadable... If users wish to use it, that is their choice, but I would use a reliable tool instead...

Helpful link: SpywareBlaster...

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#4 Saetha


    Yeah, Ninja get spyware too >.<

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Posted 26 April 2006 - 01:30 AM

ironically the pc I was using forsome reason double posted as a result of a time out orsomething where I double click when I shouldn't of OR something. Thanx for the moving and whatnot though ^^

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