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I check several times each day to see if anyone is waiting to be allowed in the forum... After I screen for possible forum SPAMmers, I admit those who seem legitimate and who have done their part to validate... It is not necessary to post a topic and it is especially not helpful to add to the topic a few minutes later... You are now a New Member...
May 12 2017 04:48 PM


I moved your post to your own topic - please do not post in malware topics other than your own - it can confuse the situation... If you have questions, it is best to start your own topic in Malware Removal... If you believe your computer is infected, it is certainly a good idea to start your own topic and post your logs since the fix for one person may not work for another person and can even damage your system... I moved your post to your own topic here: http://www.spywareinfoforum.com/to...
Jul 30 2016 05:57 PM
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    I think my note was cut off, so I will repeat the link to your topic: http://www.spywareinfoforum.com/topic/136679-have-since-problem-to-kirabi-zodiac-topics/

    Please read the Instructions http://www.spywareinfoforum.com/index.php?showtopic=79038 and post your logs to get help... Thank you...
    Jul 30 2016 05:59 PM


I have given you the benefit of the doubt and did not ban you... It is not okay to post in other people's malware topics in this forum, we have trained staff that do that... It is not clear if you posted just to promote the blog you noted - it is not acceptable to do so and we consider it to be forum SPAM... Please review the guidelines for posting before proceeding any further...
Jul 25 2016 11:32 PM
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    Note: I removed your post...
    Jul 26 2016 12:37 AM


I removed the ad you posted for Bitdefender - we do not allow ads and we ban people who place them - this is the only warning you will receive...
Dec 10 2015 12:12 AM


I deleted your second identity - jahesfiha... We only allow Members to have one identity on the forum...
Sep 30 2015 11:46 AM
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    ive forgotten my password.
    Sep 30 2015 08:40 PM


We do not allow people to maintain more than one identity on the forum, so I have deleted your other identity which was still at Validating status...
Jun 21 2015 10:23 AM


I removed a post you added to another Member's malware removal topic... Only our trained helpers are allowed to respond to malware topics and the information you posted was too general to be of help anyway... We have had people post similar messages in preparation for SPAMming the forum - we do not tolerate SPAMming that you will be promptly banned if that is your intent... If you are really trying you be helpful, you can consider training in our Boot Camp if you wish to help here...
Jan 08 2014 07:20 AM


Please note: ONLY our trained helpers are alllowed to post in malware topics - I removed your post from another Member's malware topic... If you wish to help, consider training in our Boot Camp...
Aug 16 2013 06:21 AM


Your post was split from the topic where you posted and a new topic was made here: http://www.spywareinfoforum.com/topic/135092-concern-about-rat-split/#entry781373 Please read and follow the suggestions posted for you...
Aug 10 2013 11:46 AM


Removed your post in another Members topic - please do not post in other Members malware topics - only our trained helpers are to do that...
Aug 06 2013 06:24 AM
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