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State of the forum September 2017 - Please READ

10 September 2017 - 12:20 AM

Most of you have probably noticed that SpywareInfoForum has been much less busy than we used to be and this means that we also have had far fewer donations to keep us going.  The truth is that we are almost out of money to sustain hosting and other charges.  We have been looking for ways to either increase revenue or decrease costs. There is a possibility that we might add advertising to the forum in order to increase revenue, but since that is dependent on traffic, it may not be enough to sustain the forum even then.  We have been looking at the option of changing hosting services to a cheaper option and it is likely that we will be acting on that soon. We have been contacting some of the best reviewed services to find out what they offer and determine what the costs would be.  We believe that we may be able to significantly reduce our hosting costs by making this switch.  One company indicated that we would need fairly advanced services for the size and traffic of the forum and the costs they quoted were not workable for us, but we are still researching some other companies and hoping to get a better deal.  We may need to deal with a slower forum and more glitches in order to survive.  The main options being considered right now are shared hosting and virtual cloud hosting because they seem to be in the range that we can afford.  However, until we actually speak with them, we won't know for sure that the costs promoted on their sites are real and sufficient to host the forum. 


As many of you may know, we are using an outdated version of IPB software because we found out that the updated version would significantly increase our costs while also decreasing our functions.  We are looking at the possibility of changing to an open source forum software called MyBB which would be free. It appears that it is capable of everything that our current software can do and more.  Since we are at a dead-end with our current software we need to come up with some workable option.


In regard to both of these issues, if you have expertise in working with forum software and managing websites, we could use some help.  Neither I (Budfred) nor the other Admin (Rocket Grannie) have the expertise to manage some of the technical aspects of the changes we need to make.  We may be able to get help migrating the forum to a new host and there is a conversion program for MyBB, but if we run into any tricky issues, we are likely to be stuck.  If you have the expertise and are willing to help, please let us know. 


We believe that SpywareInfo Forum is a valuable resource as an archive even if it is not as active as it was in the past.  If the costs of these changes work out the way we believe they will, we will have enough funds to cover almost a year. However, to maintain the forum over time, we will need more donations or other sources of revenue.  If you value this forum as a resource, please consider donating. If it works out as we hope, a month may cost us about $15 US, so each donation of $15 will represent another month. If you can afford that much, it will go a long way toward sustaining the forum and we will be most grateful.  We continue to be run entirely by volunteers and we plan to continue to provide the services we offer for free.


This topic is open for ideas, comments or anything else that might address the issues noted, so please let us know what you are thinking.  If you know of other resources that might be able to help, please note that as well.


Thank you.

Windows Update issues

19 March 2017 - 10:33 AM

I have 3 different TV viewing programs on my Win 10 computer - Plex, Windows Media Center and Total Media...  This week, they all 3 stopped working...  Windows Media Center and Total Media would still load, but would not allow live TV to be shown...  Plex Media Player would not even open...  After some searching, I found out that a Windows Update from Tuesday was causing the problem and that it works to uninstall it...  I did that and all 3 programs worked again...  I few hours later, I came back to the computer and found that they weren't working again because Windows had reinstalled the update...  I removed it again and set Windows to defer updates, but it reinstalled a few hours later anyway...  I went on to do some more research and found that there is a way to turn off Windows Updates in Win 10 which hadn't occurred to me...  If you go into Windows Services and disable to the Service for Windows Update, it doesn't work anymore...  Of course, that means that you don't get any more updates, so you would need to turn it back on to get updates when you are ready for them and it is not a good idea for the casual user to do this... 


The next part of the story is that I play a couple of games each day that are logged in through Xbox...  I attempted to play the daily challenges for one of them and simply to log into the other to claim daily additions to my score count, but neither one would work...  I decided to see if they had updates waiting in the Store since that might be what was causing the problem...  When I checked, there were a number of programs that had updates, but not these two...  However, I went ahead with the other updates and found that they wouldn't go forward without turning on Windows Update Service...  I did that and updated them...  It then occurred to me that this might be what was blocking the 2 games and I tried them before disabling the Service again...  This time they worked... 


It appears that if I want to keep everything working until MS fixes the update that caused the problem in the first place, I will need to turn that Service on and off each day...  Isn't it wonderful how MS has automated Win 10 to make it foolproof??  :techsupport: :ugh:

Disappearing avatars...

20 October 2016 - 09:47 AM

I just noticed that some avatars that people use on this forum disappear almost instantly when I open a topic that these people use...  With the help of one of my colleagues who doesn't experience this, I found out that these are Gravatar avatars....  I also found out that Gravatar is a data miner which tracks the people who use it all over the web: http://meta.stackexc...-a-privacy-risk


I strongly suggest that you do not use Gravatar, partly because it compromises your privacy and partly because it is a tracker that may track other people who open any topic that you have posted in...  I have it blocked with NoScripts which is why those avatars disappear when I open anything posted by people who use them, but clearly not everyone is as heavily armored as I am...

New Helper Android 8888

01 April 2016 - 08:29 AM

Please welcome our first new Helper in a long time - Android 8888!!   :yahoo:  :yahoo:    

New Helper Android 8888

01 April 2016 - 08:23 AM

Congratulations Android 8888!!

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